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    Welcome大红鹰彩票官方网站 to AMPM Building 大红鹰彩票官方网站

    AMPM Building 大红鹰彩票官方网站 offers construction and labour hire services to the network of construction companies operating in Queensland.

    Established in 1999 the company has steadily grown to be one of the most trusted names in the building and construction industry in Queensland. In recent years AMPM Building 大红鹰彩票官方网站 has expanded its operations to include labour hire for the construction industry. The company has a strong presence in Queensland, with offices in Townsville, Moranbah and Brisbane. Our team is ideally placed to service the needs of Project Managers and Builders throughout Queensland.Nigel Dunmore Managing Director

    Managing Director Nigel Dunmore and his highly experienced team of builders and project managers take great care to ensure all work delivered by AMPM Building 大红鹰彩票官方网站 is of the highest quality and is completed efficiently. Nigel will work with you and your team to ensure your project is delivered on time and meets all completion KPI's.

    Impeccable Safety Record

    AMPM Building 大红鹰彩票官方网站 has an unwavering commitment to safety. The company has always maintained a huge emphasis on safe work practices, recruiting quality staff and providing comprehensive staff training. In 17 years of operation the company is extremely proud to boast an impeccable safety record.



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