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    Electrical Audits

    Ensure your electrical work is compliant to industry regulations and safety standards with our electrical audit service.

    Safety is our primary concern and we take all necessary steps to ensure your electrical systems, goods and facilities meet current safety regulations and standards.

    Plus, we can audit project handovers to make sure that electrical work matches approved drawings or company standards.

    We will work closely with you to complete your audit at an appropriate time and give you a complete report according to your needs.

    Our expert electricians offer auditing for the following areas:

    • Cabling
    • Trench Electricals
    • Building/Construction Handovers
    • Pre Commissioning Audits
    • Practical Completion Audits
    • Overhead Asset Inspections
    • Pole to Pit Inspections
    • Public Lighting

    As well as ensuring your facilities meet standards and regulations our auditing service makes your 大红鹰彩票官方网站 or workplace a safer place.

    Contact us today to arrange an electrical audit.


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